Random thoughts

Everyone has those days or moments in their lives when they don’t want to  talk to anyone, the moments where you want to be left alone to  your thoughts. Sometimes even hour closest friends are a bother,  the moment where anything someone does or says just annoys you. You want to escape from everyone you feel that they wouldn’t understand you. You try laughing and smiling but it’s only a facade coz you don’t want anyone prying. Any little thing has the potential of irking you. But you can’t help it, you can’t talk to anyone but you just have to pretend that everything is alright even when it’s not. 

We all have our different ways of overcoming issues that bother us for some of us we’d  rather write them down,  we put that rage on the paper it’s only it that can understand our pain,  our disappointments,our hurts to name but a few of the emotions that threaten to tear us apart. It’s not that we can’t communicate or we don’t want to communicate on the contrary we wish we could buy there is a push inside us maybe it’s the lack of trust or perhaps it has to do with the betrayals from the past. You know it’s amazing how people can pretend it’s as if there’s a teacher out there I’m the universe who is very good at their job of teaching people to be pretentious. I find it rather nauseating and repugnant that you’d pretend to care for someone yet you know that theoment they pour their heart to you your mouth will be running around telling everyone about what they told you. Doesn’t it prick your conscience?  Isn’t there a piece of humanity left in your soul?. 

So while we are open to making friends we tend to be cautious and very reserved only letting a little of ourselves out and hiding the boys from the judging eyes of the world, occasionally putting our frustrations on paper because it won’t judge us it will listen without speaking and it certainly won’t go telling everyone about it. So yeah that’s about it, it’s not being anti social it’s just that we are more sociable than social. 


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